Welcome to ECG Imaging 2015



25th to 28th of March, 2015

Imaging of electrophysiological phenomena in the heart is a dream ... or is it already reality?

We invite you to present your latest results, listen to the keynote lectures of selected scientists, and discuss aspects like clinical applications, source models and quality measures.

We are not aiming at „the big sales show“ with the most colorful and spectacular movies but at a critical review of what we achived so far ... and what we did not reach.

We also invite you to join into a „Hackathon“ - a collaborative project, where many groups provide some clinical data as an input and everybody is doing his/her best to solve the inverse problem. Finally, we will compare the results to see strengths and weaknesses of the various methods. We are aiming at a joint publication to present the results to the scientific community.

Endorsed by Computing in Cardiology

Funded by German Research Foundation (DFG)